Spanish for Breastfeeding Support


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¿Cómo le va con la lactancia?
Spanish for Breastfeeding Support will help you provide effective breastfeeding support to Spanish-speaking mothers.

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¿Cómo le va con la lactancia?
Spanish for Breastfeeding Support will help you provide effective breastfeeding support to Spanish-speaking mothers.

This book will help lactation consultants, breastfeeding peer counselors, nurses, physicians, midwives, childbirth educators, and others to:
• Converse with nursing mothers in Spanish about common breastfeeding topics
• Listen to and understand mothers speaking about breastfeeding in Spanish

Spanish for Breastfeeding Support contains:

  • • Twelve chapters covering breastfeeding topics from early management through weaning
  • • Downloadable audio files containing spoken versions of the dialogues presented in each chapter, as well as review conversations, vocabulary, pronunciation, and listening exercises
  • • Key vocabulary and important phrases in each chapter
  • • Quick reference tear-out sheets at the end of each chapter listing key vocabulary and phrases
  • A glossary of commonly used terms and a resource list for Spanish language materials Lactation consultants (IBCLC) can earn up to 12.8 L-CERPs by completing the exercises in this book.
  • Authors: Diana S. Glick M.A. & Tanya M. Lieberman IBCLC
  • Copyright: 2009
  • ISBN: 978-0-9815257-8-5
  • Total Pages: 240
  • Soft Cover



Review submitted by ILCA Print and Multimedia Reviews
December 2009
Available at

Spanish for Breastfeeding Support: A self-guided course to help you support breastfeeding
mothers in Spanish
Diana Glick, MA and Tanya Lieberman, IBCLC
Hale Publishing, LP, 2009
225 pages, illustrated, 2 CDs, resources, glossaries, 12.8 CERPs, (US)$39.95, softcover
Orders: Hale Publishing, 1712 N. Forest Street, Amarillo, TX 79106 USA
Tel: 806-376-9900 or 800-378-1317 (toll free) ; fax: 806-376-9901

The need for Spanish speaking lactation consultants in the United States grows each year. Spanish
for Breastfeeding Support is a comprehensive course in Spanish, and an excellent resource for
anyone providing lactation support to Spanish speaking clients, including lactation consultants,
health educators, physicians, and nurses.

The book is clearly written and follows a logical progression. Each chapter begins with a dialogue
between a mother and a health care provider. Important phrases from the dialogue are reviewed,
and then grammar or vocabulary is introduced. The dialogues teach both language and evidenced-based lactation consulting. Vocabulary includes anatomy, important phrases (for example “how often is your baby eating?” and “I suggest you watch the baby, not the clock” p. 48), numbers, and the alphabet and its pronunciation, among others. Tear-out reference sheets throughout the book have key vocabulary and phrases covering everything from basic greetings to weaning. The information provided is generally excellent, with the exception of a diagram of a breast depicting the alveoli as separate from the fatty tissue (p. 5, 11, 17).

Two CDs accompanying the book contain clearly spoken dialogue and vocabulary. Excerpts of the
spoken dialogues and additional exercises are available free online. Practice being pivotal in learning any language, the audio portion of the program allows frequent listening and repetition. Answer keys offer the learner immediate feedback to reinforce newly learned vocabulary. In addition, 12.8 CERPs are offered when the exercises in the book are completed and submitted to Hale Publishing.

The authors suggest that this book be used as a self-guided course, as a textbook, and as a reference book. I highly recommend Spanish for Breastfeeding Support for all of these purposes. Given the excellence and clarity of the information presented, it serves a dual purpose for the learner, teaching both Spanish and the basics of lactation consulting. The book will be useful in the personal libraries of all health care providers who care for Spanish speaking clients, and provides an important tool for any lactation consultant wanting to learn or teach Spanish.

Maya Vasquez, RN, IBCLC
San Francisco, California USA

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    Spanish for Breastfeeding Support

    Spanish for Breastfeeding Support

    ¿Cómo le va con la lactancia?
    Spanish for Breastfeeding Support will help you provide effective breastfeeding support to Spanish-speaking mothers.

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